Monday, July 11, 2011

MIA - Lots going on!

This is a picture of my Yorky "Herd"  Rascal, 7, is my standard colored  male.  Little biscuit with her first top knot is my 6 month old female.  Trixie with the floppy ears and big brown eyes is my 3 year old 'shorky' (shitzu/yorky mix) who just had the 5 adorable pups.  They all look like Rascal, except for one little female who weight 2.5 ounces right now.
Summer has finally arrived in Maine - and has it gotten crazy busy.  The gardens are in and being visited by deer - so we are replanting and hoping there will be something to can and freeze for winter.  My beautiful Trixie, Shorky, had 5 new babies last week, and we are enjoying all the new life in the house.  My dear friend and breeder of yorkies, gave me a new little girl.  A golden yorky named, Baby Bear.  That brings the grand total of dogs to 4 in our house.

On top of gardens and dogs - I'm still watching my two grandest daughters most days.  They are Lexi who is 4 and Anna who will be 1 in a week.  I've had some health issues and have been to a number of doctors, and think we are getting close to a diagnosis and a plan of action. 

With all this going on, I haven't done much crafting.  I appologize for being absent - but will get my life under control soon!   Hope everyone is having a great summer.  Would love to hear what you are all doing!!!  Leave me a comment and tell me how you are spending your summer! 


Charlotte said...

These sweet babies are just adorable. i hope you are feeling better soon.

Heidi said...

Hope you are doing better soon and look forward to pictures of your new addition AND the cute little puppies... I have a Shi/pom that is adorable and my niece wants me to breed her with her yorkie and I just haven't wanted to yet.... maybe someday. TFS.

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