Monday, June 28, 2010

Buffy my little yorkie - losing a loved one

Buffy is a 1 1/2 year old golden yorkshire terrier. She makes me smile - fills my arms with something to cuddle and is the best nighttime snuggler. She is my "child", my confidant, my friend and she loves me unconditionally. On June 26th she was to deliver her first litter of pups, but instead of bringing new life in the world, Buffy died in my arms. Earlier in the week she had an emergency c-section - and both of her pups were born dead. She seemed to be recovering, but for reasons we don't know, she looked up at me one last time, wagged her tail and took one last breath. I held her and tried to get her breathing...begged her to come back to me - but she was gone. My arms are empty and my heart hurts...and in the night, I reach out for my bundle of fluff - and there is only air.

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