Friday, June 15, 2012

Coffee for Everyone: HUGE giveaway!!!!!

Head on over to Getting Cricky for a HUGE giveaway!!!

Kristal Andrew posted this:

Hello to all my AMAZING friends! I'm SO excited! Today I swung by Starbucks and asked them about bringing in my own cup to save the environment from all that un-necessary packaging that will just be tossed the minute you finish the joe! Guess what? This week they  have a BOGO tumbler that you can bring back in to have your coffee made-so NO more wasted plastics! I am SO happy!
So I decided to celebrate the Love of GREEN coffee with a FUN contest!
FREE & GREEN!!!!! 

In my quest for reducing packaging to leave a smaller carbon footprint on this earth, I asked Starbucks about bringing in a cup, and they sold me TWO eco-friendly resuable tumblers for 14.99! They are BUY ONE GET ONE this week! This means every time you grab a cold coffee you can SAVE the earth from unnecessary plastic packaging that will sent for a hundred years under the earth! TOTALLY awesome! Send me a picture of YOU with your reusable COFFEE mug (any type/brand) and I'll enter you into a drawing for 50.00 worth of STAMPS!!!!


WOW...I'm sending my pic right now...  Here it is:

Love my purple polka dotted ceramic travel mug!  

Make sure you enter today!!!   Good Luck!

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K Andrew said...

WOW girl! You look fabulous--and your garden is gorgeous!!! GREAT cuppa joe!!! Best Wishes on winning the $140.00 Green Cup of Coffee Contest!

Big Cricky Hugs,
K Andrew
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