Friday, February 21, 2014

A funny thing happened on my way home...

I know I have been missing in action lately.  It would appear I have hit a speed bump in the road we call life.

I flew down to Florida the day after Christmas to meet my son and his family.  We were to spend three days at disney and then head back to their temporary condo in Georgia.  We were to spend New Years together and I would fly back on January 2nd.

I left Maine in a snowstorm and made it to Jacksonville, Florida where my son met me at the airport.  We spent three awesome days at Disney and I had so much fun watching my three year old granddaughter, Anna have the time of her life.

We drove to Georgia and I enjoyed a few days of unwinding and relaxing at their condo.  Steph and I did some shopping and I played with Anna.  All to soon it was New Year's Eve and my time with them was coming to an end.  Instead of welcoming in the new year, I woke with chest pains and while the clock struck midnight on the new year, I was in the emergency room having a heart attack.

I didn't make my flight home..instead my husband flew in to savannah and got to the hospital just in time to jump in the ambulance with me and head back to Jacksonville, Florida.  the next week is a blur to me.  Test confirmed I had a heart attack, but fortunately there was no damage to my heart.  Further tests showed I had blockages in five arteries...all between 95 and 99 percent blocked.  They were scheduling me for open/heart surgery and five bypasses....

I have no memories the day of surgery which was January 3rd -through going home on January 7th.  In my mind, I had surgery and went home the next day...I had no idea almost four days had passed.

They ended up just doing a quadruple bypass and not the five...and I'm lucky to have survived this whole experience, especially the surgery.  Our God is amazing and I am so very thankful to be here to share this with you all.

I'm still in Georgia, enjoying my two mile walks each day.  I believe The Lord has put me where I am meant to be and that everything that has happened has been part of His divine plan for me.   I am missing my hubby, my dogs and my home...the rest of the family and yes, even the Maine winter!!!  But, having said all that, I am very thankful for all I have been through.  This has been a wakeup call for me and I'm hoping to share more with all of you.

Life definitely has some curves and bumps in the road we travel...but it's up to us to stop and listen to what  The Lord has to say to us and teach us when we stumble and fall...thank God he picked me up and that I listened....for now I will continue to rest in His arms and heal.


Vickie said...

Welcome back. So glad that your feeling better.

Kristie @ said...

Oh wow, I am so glad you are okay! Big hugs!

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