Thursday, December 13, 2012

Scrapping Kids Memories - layout ideas

Good Morning to everyone!  I hope you are all having a great Thursday.  This Thanksgiving, I'm ashamed to say, I forgot to take pictures.  Yes...I forgot.  "How?"  you might ask....well, with cooking and chasing two grandchildren...and well, you get the picture, I simply forgot.  But, all is not lost.  I still wanted to remember this Thanksgiving, so here is what I did.

My 5-year old Grandest Daughter is in love with 'giving'.  She made me this kitty card Thanksgiving morning, which says, "Nana I am thankful for you."

I know it looks a little 'intense', but this next picture shows how the pages open...

And another card!

....and open still more...

and a picture of the two of use together in our garden.

...and open still more.

This is a picture of Lexi in purple and nana in her thanksgiving dress and earrings...notice my crazy hair....but all the hearts (love) between us....
This is Lexi's pieced owl and Nana's.  Also the dog she colored and cut out herself.  The list is one she made all by herself of our Dinner, breakfast and snacks for Thanksgiving.  Her writing is really coming along!!!

In order to put this all in a page protector, I will slit the outside of the page protector for these pages to lie on top and be able to be turned.
So, while I did not have any pictures of he day, I still have lots of memories.  With Christmas coming up, I wanted to show you this layout, so that you can use it with your christmas layouts.  We always have so much of our children's art work laying around - this way we can use it in our pages and journal about what they did....
This cute little owl piecings started it all.  You can get yours at Paper Piecings By Nikki  
Thanks so much for taking a peek!

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**********************Barb said...

Awe...Patti that's better than pics of a bunch of people sitting around and eating turkey anyday! I LOVE IT!!! Lexi will cherish that page for years, and years to come!

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