Saturday, September 3, 2011

Yorkie Blog Hop Fun

My Grandest Daughter, Lexi and the pups!

I found this Blog Hop while I was looking for inspiration this morning.  Most of you know that I have yorkies, four to be exact, and that I'm a bit obsessed with them.  My shorky, Trixie (shitzu/yorky mix) had a litter of 5 pups and we currently have two left.  Two little black boys who are starting to get their yorky brown markings.  That's the thing with may buy one color - but they change - you never know what you will end up with.
This is our Trixie's gang, minus one.  Boy 3 and Zu-Zu are the last left at home...and If they stay much longer I may need to keep them.  That would mean 6 dogs in my house....can anyone beat that number?

Anyway, if you love yorkies and all 4-legged little fluff balls - check out Mr. Cricut Crazy's Blog Hop this weekend.  It is sure to make you smile.  I need to have ALL those cute yorky stamp sets!!!!!  I can't believe this talented man is so young!!!!

This is a little boy we've been calling "Zu-Zu"  he will sit in your arms all day if you let him and is the softest puppy I have ever felt.


VinDeeLoo said...

Thank you for visiting my blog during the Autumn is Here Blog Hop. Be sure to come back tomorrow and see what else I have.

I am a small dog person too. I however am a chihuahua lover. :)


Jessica said...

Hi Patti,
So happy that you are getting back to blogging. You were missed. I love, love, love the puppy pics. We just welcomed 2 new puppies into our lives (pics to follow later) on Friday and Saturday. Our Sadee girl (Yorkie) did a wonderful job and has taken matters into her own hands. Not much need for "human help". Pablo (daddy-yorkiepoo) isn't quite sure what to make of the 2 new members just yet. The vet has given Sadee all thumbs up and will see the pups this week for their first visit. I am so excited to have our new little YoYoPoos(LOL) around.
Hope all is well and look forward to seeing more pics!

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