Sunday, August 7, 2011

Puppies, Challenges and This and/or That...

Good Morning Everyone! Hope this Sunday finds you all well and enjoying a nice summer day. Hot and muggy in Maine. This time of year finds me up to my elbows in garden produce. I have canned 61 quarts of green beans so far. Hopefully will be able to get at least 90 quarts before the season is over. We've had a bit of help in the harvesting - not exactly welcome help.

These two spotted lamb deer belong to a very, very large doe who has been helping herself to our gardens.  $160 later, we have a 7 foot fence around our gardens.  I know what you are all can buy a lot of green beans for $160.  But, those of you who have tasted produce, straight from the garden, understand.  We should get our first taste of broccoli this week and be harvesting our garlic.  Cucumbers are almost ready to be made into pickles!  Tomorrow I will be making Pesto for the freezer!

Trixie, my 'shorky', has done a fantastic job with her pups.  They are now 6 weeks old and still not quite a pound each.  They will definitely be small little bundles of fur.  They are jumping out of their box now, and you never know where you will find them.  Teeth are coming in and they are chewing on everything and everyone.  My Grandest Daughters, Lexi and Anna, sure love playing with puppies.  This little one passed out cold, after coming in from outside.

As you can see, this pup is definitely a yorky - and looks just like Daddy Rascal.  These five pups are probably the most loving puppies I have ever raised.  I think it helps that they are constantly being held and played with.  Not just by us - but the other dogs all jump in and take turns washing faces and snuggling.  We definitely have a "pack" atmosphere. 
This little girl is the smallest of the litter.  She is only 15 ounces at 6 weeks - and looks just like her mama, Trixie.  Here's a picture of her Mama:

As you can see, Trixie is a pretty special girl.  She's definitely a one-of-a-kind!

The Creative Sisters Monday Challenge - Summer Themed, anything goes - is still open.  If we get 30 entries we will go a surprise give-away!  So, show your creativity and link up your project.

Well, that's about it from me here in Cornville.  I wanted to let you all know what I was up to - and why I haven't been real active lately.  Gardens, Puppies and Grand-daughters will keep you busy!  I promise - some creative inspiration will be coming soon!!!


girlia said...

too cute

Karen said...

adorable all the way around

Heather said...

So adorable. I have been telling my hubby for the last year that when my littlest one starts school in 3 years that I would REALLY like a Yorkie puppy to keep my company. I hope he listens. :)

Mary said...

Adorable puppies!

Jen said...

I know you don't want them in your garden -- but gosh, aren't they cute! And so are those precious puppies!

Jessica said...

How exciting to be able to experience the joy of new puppies! Trixie is so cute and her adorable little pups continue on that tradition. I am excited because our yorkie and yorkie-poo are gonna be parents soon, too. I can't wait and the kids are getting revved up about it too. Just stopping by all my favorite blogs to say hello since I have been absent a lot lately (gardening, kids, and such)...
Hope you have a wonderful week!

Jessica said...

Hope you are feeling better soon :O)

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