Monday, October 25, 2010

Scrapbook Page - The Best Hubby in the World

My wonderful husband sensed that I was getting a little burned out and declared the first Saturday of October "Our" day.   No Grandbabies or projects.  He shopped and packed the truck and on Saturday morning, he packed me up as well.  We travelled to the North woods of Maine - Paper Company Land and road the dirt roads looking for partridge, as it was the opening day of bird season.  Well, everyone must have had the same idea.  The roads were full of hunters - so at noon time, he pulled over to an out of the way spot, off a rough dirt road and made lunch.

He cooked us potatoes, saurkraut, kielbaska and beans on the camp stove - even making me my green tea with lemon.  It was a perfect day - even though we only got one bird.  My yorkie Rascal and Shorky, Trixie really looked ridiculous in the wilds of the Maine woods...alll prim and pampered....but they had a good time too!  We did get a few laughs from fellow hunters who were there with their big bird dogs....

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Linda Therrien said...

I really like how the scrapbook pages came out - like the earth tones - they go so well with the picutres. Great job!

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